50 minutes agoMorgantown, PA+20 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a reliable car cheap on gas for transportation to and from doctor appointments.
12-Dec-2018Reading, PA+20 milesItems Wanted
A local Scout troop is in need of a couple of sets of old, unused skis to repair their sleds for an upcoming event. Longer lengths (>165) are needed. Any help you can offer is appreciated.
9-Dec-2018Reading, PA+20 milesItems Wanted
I have taken up mycology. fyi mushrooms. I am disabled and use public transportation but I am looking for some farm straw to grow oyster mushrooms to start a business. if any one can direct me to a farm here in berks I would appreciate it. If you have some left over from Halloween buzz me. I dont need a whole bail as I am starting out and just need a box. thanks
4-Dec-2018Lebanon, PA+19 milesItems Wanted
Just moved her in the need of a few items to make me a home in need of couch set kitchen talble set book shelves also trying to make my home look like Christmas I thought I had it but I guess someone wanted it more than me
4-Dec-2018Reading, PA+20 milesItems Wanted
My son is working on his senior project at the Berks Career and Technology Center. He needs a monitor for his CNC project -- the smaller, the better. A USB mouse & keyboard would be nice too. Thanks
I am looking for a queen size mattress for my uncle. He is on a fixed income and his mattress is completely destroyed. If any would could help Id really appreciate it.
1-Dec-2018Reading, PA+20 milesItems Wanted
My grand daughter is advancing fast, and needs a mat to move around on!
28-Nov-2018Reading, PA+20 milesItems Wanted
Busco juego de cuarto Queen sizes ya que me mud ase una semana y no tengo nada espero me puedan ayudar y gracias
28-Nov-2018Reading, PA+20 milesItems Wanted
Busco juego de cuarto Queen sizes ya que me mud ase una semana y no tengo nada espero me puedan ayudar y gracias
28-Nov-2018Reading, PA+20 milesItems Wanted
Hi, I m looking for a nice Recliner from my husband. He s about to have a hip replacement surgery and he will likely need to sleep in it. I m not super picky about the color or anything, just that it s in good shape. I will arrange for transportation ASAP if anybody has one. Thank you
28-Nov-2018Reading, PA+20 milesItems Wanted
My Husband and sons are very much into tabletop gaming. My husband sold most of his stuff when we had a cat with cancer and I would like to see if there s anything out there to try to make his collection back up. Also maps of any kind, my son is autistic, he likes maps A LOT and he likes to incorporate them into his games
28-Nov-2018Lebanon, PA+19 milesItems Wanted
Our Christmas tree and all our decorations were destroyed in July from the flood and we are looking for a items to put up for our girls
25-Nov-2018Reading, PA+20 milesItems Wanted
Anyone with any old, unwanted rope lights.... I'd be happy to take them off your hands. We are going to use them inside a chicken coop to give them some safe, supplemental lighting. Feel free to email me.
25-Nov-2018Reading, PA+20 milesItems Wanted
To keep out of a landfill,looking for a stained glass crafter to repair a 'flat' window piece. I have the two pieces; cat knocked it down :-(. Thank you/
wanted any old hammers ,socket set some can be missing. wrench, pliers tin snips. any tools you do not want i will take.
24-Nov-2018Reading, PA+20 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a friend. If anyone has a twin metal bed frame they no longer need our friend would greatly appreciate it Thank You
24-Nov-2018Reading, PA+20 milesItems Wanted
It might be a long shot but if anyone has a 32" Flat Screen TV they're willing to part with, I will graciously take it off your hands. A 32" is an ideal size but if it's a little bigger, that'll be fine. I'm willing to travel a good distance for one. Thank you, Lee
24-Nov-2018Lebanon, PA+19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for queen & king size bed sheets. Just the fitted sheet. Matching pillow cases would be nice but not necessary. Thank you!
23-Nov-2018Reading, PA+20 milesItems Wanted
Hi I am looking for outdoor Christmas Decorations If anyone has any they are no longer using. Will travel Thanks