Year: 1932, Make: Ford, Model: Roadster, VIN: SW106747, Seller Notes: 1932 Ford Roadster The term "hot rod" refers to the early days when a person would take a typical car, modify it by removing fenders, hoods, and various parts of the body and in doing so reduce weight. Also engine modifications were typical with tuning options and replacing engine parts to increase horsepower, as well as the ...
Year: 1934, Make: Ford, Model: Pickup, VIN: 18705180, Seller Notes: 1934 Ford Pickup Truck Hot rods first appeared in the late 1930's in Southern California, where people raced modified cars on dry lake beds northeast of Los Angeles, under the rules of the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA), among other groups. This gained popularity after World War II, particularly in California, be...
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